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Before Leaving

before leaving


Before Leaving

Preparations involve more than just ticketing, packing, and flying. There is likely to be much excitement in the days leading up to departure, which can easily turn into stress. Families can help by reassuring jittery nerves, and agreeing on practical matters, such as spending budget, plus the frequency and means of communication.

Travel Policy

For all faculty-led programs, all students are required to travel to and from the host site on a common flight with a single US departure/return airport. Scholarships are available to defray the cost for students for whom this policy requires extra travel within the USA. For more information on this, please reach out to GOCI staff. In some cases, return dates to the USA may be allowed to vary somewhat. The Director of GOCI grants rare exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but students and families should assume that, frequent flier points and family connections abroad notwithstanding, all students will be on the single common flight.

Students and the family should establish a budget for weekly expenses, as well as travel during semester breaks. All will want to stay up to date with exchange rates at the host destination.  The XE CURRENCY CONVERTER can be especially helpful in that regard.
Communication Plan

You will want to have discussed and agreed upon a communication plan prior to departure. Several different possibilities are presented on the PHONES ABROAD page under "Pre-departure" above. Explore those options with your student and pick a means and schedule of contact. Certainly, families will want to hear from students upon their arrival, but we recommend a longer gap thereafter, so that deeper connections can be made with the host culture.  Email is an option, but be aware that access can be limited in some international settings.