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Health Insurance


Students participating in off-campus programs are required to have health insurance coverage. As insurance policies vary, it is critical that families and students understand their policies and what coverage they can expect to have while studying both abroad and across America.

Because traditional students cannot be enrolled at Guilford College without insurance, they are presumed to be covered through the Guilford College United Health Care insurance policy. Use this LINK for more details about the Guilford College United Health Care insurance policy. Please note that benefits will travel internationally for those students covered by the college's plan with United Health Care. Students with chronic conditions and those with plans other than United Health Care should consult with their provider to determine what levels of coverage will be available. Some partners may require a specific additional insurance plan.

As an additional layer of protection, GOCI purchases all students an International Student ID Card (ISIC), which carries supplemental travel and health insurance. The ISIC card purchased will have the "ISIC Basic Policy", and under this policy students must cover the costs of incidents up front, and then submit a claim for reimbursement. Please note that the ISIC Basic Policy is limited in its coverage and is intended to serve as a supplemental layer to your primary insurance policy. Should you want increased supplemental coverage, ISIC does offer higher levels of coverage available to students for additional cost.

Any student seeking alternative insurance coverage, or who would like enhanced coverage above their current policy, we recommend using iNext - which is an excellent provider with multiple levels of in-depth coverage policies.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Global and Off-Campus Initiatives for more information about insurance at 336-316-2015.