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Program Type

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There are different types of programs, each of which fits students in different ways.

Semester Global Experiences

Faculty-led Programs

Led by an on-site resident Guilford faculty member and tailored to groups of Guilford College students who take classes together. These programs are good for students who would like more guidance from a professor while off-campus and the company of fellow Guilford students. Guilford College has two programs in this model: The Guilford in Munich semester (running annually in the fall) and the Guilford in Brunnenburg semester (running annually in the spring).

Guilford Affiliated Programs
Independent programs offered by distinguished professional partners in which you would likely find other American students, but few or no Guilford students, and no Guilford faculty presence. These programs are ideal for more independent students who think first about the subject they’d like to study, rather than the location. Certainly, the location is an important part of the experience, but it is organized around the academic component.

Short-Term Global Experiences
Guilford College offers a number of short-term experiences during the traditional academic year and summer, varying in length from one to eight weeks. As semester study abroad experiences, they are designed for deep cultural immersion and academic rigor. These programs rotate depending on the academic year; please reach out to the GOCI office if you would like to learn more!