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Studying abroad and away are academic experiences. Students will need to be prepared for rigorous study, some of that being through cross-cultural experiential learning. The same diligence one devotes to learning at home should also characterize efforts off-campus.

While participating in Study Abroad or Study Away experiences, students will be required to maintain full-time status unless otherwise noted by the program or with explicit permission from GOCI. Students participating in semester or academic-year programs are also required to take a 1-credit "Engagement Abroad" course. This course builds upon the topics discussed during the orientation. For more information about academic components of specific programs, please refer to program brochures or affiliate partner websites.


Students participating in Guilford College off-campus programs (faculty-led, affiliates, and exchanges) will receive Guilford grades and credits for all approved courses taken while abroad.  It is important to know that grading systems vary around the world.  If your program utilizes an American-style, A-F grade scale, Guilford College will post those grades.  If your host institution utilizes a different grading system (credit/no-credit, pass/fail, etc.) your grades will be recorded according to an approved grade conversion scale before being posted to your Guilford College record (e.g. a credit/no-credit grade abroad would be recorded as credit/no-credit on your Guilford record). 

If you have, or anticipate having, any issues with grades earned off-campus, you must address them with the faculty and program administrators at your program prior to returning home. Guilford College is obligated to honor the courses and grades as reported by the partner institution or program. Guilford College cannot change or omit any courses and grades reported by the host institution or program.