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Faculty & Staff Leadership


Guilford faculty can lead or coordinate Three-Week, Semester, and Summer study away and study abroad programs.
Resident Faculty Leaders
The resident faculty-leader for semester-long programs spends 12-15 weeks onsite with the students. The resident faculty-leader is responsible for overseeing the program while also teaching a location specific class. The specific list of responsibilities for the semester resident faculty-leader can be found here: Global Faculty Leader Job Description.docx

The following semester-long program utilizes a resident faculty-leader program structure:
Brunnenburg, Italy

Resident faculty-leaders for Three-Week or summer programs take on the same responsibilities while being with students in off-campus and international settings for anywhere from 1-5 weeks. Such short-term programs are collaboratively custom-designed by the faculty member, a professional study abroad partner, and the Office of Global and Off-Campus Initiatives.