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Advising Students


Conversations with advisees most productively begin with “WHAT do you want to study?” rather than “WHERE.” The off-campus location should serve as a good laboratory for serious academic inquiry, so determining the academic focus is an essential first step. By selecting "programs," and "advanced search," students and advisors can see every program that offers courses that might satisfy major and/or general education requirements.

Having narrowed options to certain types of programs in specific locations, the student, advisor, and family need to consider WHEN might be the optimal time to study off-campus: Fall or Spring semesters, or summer?

Students seeking to count affiliate partner courses towards particular major or general education requirements will need to secure approval prior to departure. Download the STUDY ABROAD COURSE APPROVAL FORM and bring it along with course descriptions and/or syllabi to your department chair or the coordinator of the requirement. Once you have secured their approval, indicated by their signature on the form, make a copy for your records, and submit the original to the Registrar's office.